Trimspan is an attractive, yet very economical insulated roofing solution for patios, decks, carports and outdoor living areas.  It’s smooth, clean lines, combined with a wide range of contemporary Colorbond colours, blend well with all architectural styles and existing building materials.

Increase your comfort and lifestyle

The combination of durable, high tensile external steel roofing with quality building grade polystyrene core and an attractive coated steel ceiling surface will greatly increase your comfort and lifestyle.

Trimspan effectively and efficiently reduces ambient temperatures, so you remain cooler and more comfortable in hot, sunny climates, while enjoying the added benefits of insulated warmth during winter months. Trimspan’s outstanding insulative properties also significantly reduce the transmission of roof noise from rain or hail.

  • Available in up to 16 metre lengths (longer to special order)
  • Maximum unsupported span up to 8 metres
  • Convenient 762mm wide panels
  • Thickness ranging from 50 – 175mm
  • Cyclone tested-wind classification to C3 (W60)
  • Minimum 5˚ roof pitch
  • Available in full COLORBOND® colour range
  • Superior 15 year Warranty

Also available in other profiles specific to you project.


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