SIPS Systems

The structural insulated panel systems (SIPS) were first developed within a 1930s research program investigating methods of conserving the U.S. forestry. The system was quickly adopted by the visionary architect Frank Lloyd Wright and later, in the 1950s by Dow Corning. The SIPS system has a well proven history and having survived earthquakes, tornadoes and extreme weather conditions, is renowned for its strength and energy efficiency.

So what is the advantage of a Superior SIPS System?


Our advanced insulated wall panels make it possible to quickly erect homes and commercial buildings with minimal expense: And by spreading the structural loads over the entire system, much of the timber or steel framing required for ‘conventional’ construction methods is eliminated.


Superior’s SIPS wall system provides improved structural performance. Panels will not rot or decay, are not susceptible to termite attack and the finished internal and external surfaces are ready for painting or plastering. Their structural integrity is not affected by extremes of moisture or temperature, making them an ideal building material for use in all climates.ONGOING COST EFFECTIVENESS:
In addition to reducing material costs and site labour time, the panel technology is ideal for creating airtight, highly energy-efficient buildings. This is an important advantage, considering the recent focus on increasing energy cost.


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